Talking to Your Dentist About Bad Breath

Bad Breath Oakland, CA

Thinking you need to do something about your bad breath? There are different levels of having bad breath and many different reasons for its cause, from eating certain foods to possibly having cancer. This makes it necessary to understand the cause for your own halitosis. Ready to learn more?

Talking to a dentist about bad breath

Talking to a dentist about your bad breath problem is essential, as this allows you to understand the reason behind having not-so-fresh breath. Only when a dentist understands the cause of your bad breath can they offer you solutions. According to the American Dental Association, dental care is a personalized service that requires a good relationship between the dentist and the patient. This means you should feel completely comfortable talking to your dentist about any dental problem.

Common reasons for a bad breath diagnosis

The following list includes common reasons someone would be diagnosed with bad breath.

Periodontal disease

Also known as gum disease, periodontal disease is a common reason someone would be diagnosed with bad breath. When plaque and tartar are not properly removed through everyday brushing and flossing, toxins will begin to accumulate in and around the gum area, causing bad breath. Plaque and tartar can even start to accumulate below the gum line, leading to additional dental problems.

Dry mouth

Dry mouth is a dental condition that occurs when someone does not make enough saliva in their mouth. Since saliva plays an important role when it comes to washing out the mouth in order to ensure that it is clean, if someone does not have a sufficient amount of saliva, they are more likely to experience bad breath problems.

Bacteria buildup

A buildup of bacteria in the mouth can definitely lead to someone experiencing bad breath. There are literally hundreds of different types of bacteria that live in the mouth that can cause bad breath, and if this bacteria is not removed on a daily basis by brushing and flossing one's teeth, this buildup will end up causing bad smells.

Eating certain foods

Sometimes a case of bad breath is simply due to eating certain foods. Examples of foods that can cause bad breath include onions, garlic, tuna and certain spices.

Ready to find out the cause of your bad breath problem?

You do not have to live with bad breath. If you are currently experiencing not-so-fresh breath and are wondering why, then your next step is contacting us now to schedule an appointment. During this appointment, you and our experienced dentist will discuss the potential reasons for you having bad breath, as this will allow the dentist to provide you with treatment. You will also be able to ask any questions about the causes and treatments of bad breath, as well as any other dental solutions and procedures. Ready to find out what your bad breath solutions are? We are here to help you!

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